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To thrive towards free-spiritedness, decolonize fantasy and produce utopias. To free oneself.

Spoken realm: Desire / Creativity.


To be both all alone and everybody else. To strike a balance between self- and general interest, between the economical and social spheres.

Spoken realm: The individual / The community.


Change consuming behaviour. Evade impulse buys. Create the time-lap in which transformation occurs. Make desires emerge.

Spoken realm: Now / Later.


Direct thought from the universe towards what lies closest, from what lies closest onwards to the universe. See details as one would see the horizon. To be partial to a change of perspective.

Spoken realm: Closeness / Remoteness.


To be within the present. To choose one's future, then build one's legacy. To give and to receive. Projecting into the future determines past's legacy.

Spoken realm: Inherit / Bequeath.


To add value to work. To capitalize on it. To think of it as an investment fund. To barter in order to open up the game.

Spoken realm: Labour / Capital.


To be there and go elsewhere. To communicate planet-wide and add value to local resources.

Spoken realm: Here / There.


Accomplish rebirths. Follow-up on transformations. Oil time's points.

Spoken realm: Linear / Cyclic.