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Who we are

This was the starting point of the YUU adventure:
four years of uninterrupted dialogue in order to create not a an object, but a universe. In order to bridge two networks: that of 100X100 Design with their strong roots in the design community, and that of Toton&Co, their architects, engineers and creative staff.

The two men share the same vision of design and together they set out to explore two directions: one in which the value of design lies in the uniqueness of the object, “la pièce unique”; the other where it resides in one’s attempts to make their own object unique: “la pièce personnalisée”, the customized piece.

Both paths focus on Man’s desires and creativity. No longer an object, YUU is a design tool. Its beauty lies in what it can become; its singularity, in what each of us can make of it. The “YUUniverse” transmutes consumers into creative talents, gives them the opportunity to play the leading role in the creation of their living environment. It reinvents the roles of consumers, retailers, distributors and designers: the same person can create his/her YUU, make applications for it, sell it. YUU, with banana leaves baskets in Rio; YUU with oak shelves in Liverpool; YUU with ceramic calabashes in Safi… Because the world is global only as far as communication goes: it remains local when devising one’s own habitat.

YUU transcends the global/local duality: it facilitates exchanges, renders visible the creativeness and resourcefulness of one’s community, testifies to even the slightest experience of “home improvement”, of the kind one can make anytime, wherever one lives. Merging creativity with market, draw the contours of a world whose economy is based on man’s creativeness and sociality; such is the dream we want to share.